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Training and Workshop

If you are an individual or an organization which wants to be updated with the latest software and technological advancements, then you need to attend the training and workshops conducted by Infixia. We strive to provide holistic approach on every topic that is needed in a business.

If you have a zealous team which is always craving for latest information then you have reached the right place.

We provide comprehensive training and workshop programs on ASP.NET, Web development, Digital Marketing, Advance Excel. So let’s see what are the kind of topics that we cover through our training sessions.


ASP.NET Training & Workshop


There is a growing need for skilled professionals with extensive knowledge on ASP.NET in Kolkata. So Infixia brings you this amazing solution with best in class ASP.NET trainer with extensive industry experience to share their practical experience and explain the topic with detailed live examples. So connect with us if you want to master this skill and become a .NET Developer.

Web Designing Training & Workshop

Business Intelligence

Web Designing now a days is one of the most popular and demanding sector. So being a skilled web developer needs special guidance. The best way to learn web development is from the professionals who are working on live projects and that’s what we are offering you at Infixia. We are one of the most popular web designing company in Kolkata and so we ensure the most updated modules for training in web designing.

Digital Marketing Training & Workshop

Strategy Consultation

Digital Marketing is a much needed aspect for branding and promotion these days. That’s why we give you the most easiest way to learn digital marketing. There are many online short term courses on Digital Marketing. The problem with these courses are that, they cannot be assured to provide the exact knowledge that will help you handle digital marketing for any product or service. Our training focuses on the practical implementation process of digital marketing and thereby makes you comfortable in doing digital marketing promotions.

Advance Excel Training & Workshop


This is also a much needed skill for every professional these days and yes we can help you in excelling in this aspects. We provide most comprehensive knowledge on Advance Excel Training in Kolkata. Connect with us for indepth understanding of Advance Excel.

Why Choose Infixia for Training & Workshop?

  • We offer short term and customized training packages for you.
  • We teach you with live examples
  • Our trainers are industry experts from the respective field of training topic.
  • Our students can also connect with us for any clarification after their training module is completed.
  • We offer flexi-timing for our students.
  • We offer our courses within a very affordable and pocket friendly budget.
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